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Urban development: 5 utopian cities of the future

What does modern urban planning look like? Discover 5 utopian building projects and their approaches to the city of tomorrow…

Urbanism: What is urban resilience?

What is urban resilience, and why does it matter for building the cities of tomorrow?

RV-ing in a risk zone

Recreational Vehicles are a very popular mode of transport among foreign tourists in Baja (MX). However, some are settling on risk zones.

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Urbanism: What is urban resilience?

Global issues. In recent years, the issue of climate change has increasingly entered the public discourse. Of particular importance for conventional urban development: urban resilience and climate-resilient cities. But what are we talking about when we talk about...

RV-ing in a risk zone

Nancy is a Canadian who lives in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) in Baja California Sur (Mexico). There, she makes ornaments with seashells that she has collected at different points along her route through Baja. She is now settled in a community of foreigners occupying...

Paris: The wrapped Arc de Triomphe by Christo

France. The Arc de Triomphe of Paris was wrapped. In the posthumous project Christo, the lifelong dream of the wrapping artist was realized. Urbanauth was for you on the spot in Paris and has looked at the wrapped Arc de Triomphe! The wrapped Arc de Triomphe by...

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Paris: The wrapped Arc de Triomphe by Christo

The famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris got wrapped in 2021 by a posthumous project of Christo. Discover more

RIP: these streetart and graffiti artists passed away in 2022

Discover the urban artist who passed away in 2022 and discover more about their graffiti and streetart.

Paris: Mit PTK wird das Haus besetzt

PTK war zu Gast in Paris und spielte zwei Konzerte. Ein kurzer Rückblick auf ein Wochenende mit gutem Rap und tollen alternativen Orten.

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