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Design and the right to the city: iconography of public transport

The design of public transport and the right to the city are deeply connected. Discover more…

When cities get hot: Urban Heat Islands

Urban Heat Islands are on the rise and become more and more of a problem for big cities.

Urbanism is a way of life

What is the difference between urbanization and urbanism. How they developed and what does it mean to the city ? A philosophically analysis.

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When cities get hot: Urban Heat Islands

Urban Heat Islands are on the rise. In the summer of 2003, Europe suffered a heat wave that reached historic temperatures. From June to mid-August, from northern Spain to the Czech Republic, and from Germany to Italy, temperatures rose 20 to 30% above the average for...

Urbanism is a way of life

It is impossible to study the city from a single perspective; the contribution of several disciplines is necessary to arrive at an understanding of the different aspects of urban reality (Lamy, 2019). The origin of civilization goes back to the time when people...

Lusatia : The battle for the pit. Climate activists in Germany.

Lignite is one of the most important energy sources for electricity production in Germany, alongside other energy sources. According to the German Federal Ministry of Economics, it accounts for about a quarter of the total share. According to Wirtschaftswoche,...

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Paris: Mit PTK wird das Haus besetzt

PTK war zu Gast in Paris und spielte zwei Konzerte. Ein kurzer Rückblick auf ein Wochenende mit gutem Rap und tollen alternativen Orten.

Weekly Urbanauth: London’s Crossrail Project and ongoing trouble in Hong Kong

Read in weekly urbanauth 42 about poor and rich pupils of Paris, the biggest construction scandal of germany and Japan’s culture treasures for your next vacation.

Weekly Urbanauth 40: Export goods French culture, unrest in Hong Kong and worldwide climate protests announced

Weekly Urbanauth – This week with a lot of urban culture from France and an interview with city planner Richard Sennet. Also fight for housing on Cologne’s Schälsick side, extinction rebellion in the headlines and another week of unrest in Hong Kong.

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