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Paris: Mit PTK wird das Haus besetzt

PTK war zu Gast in Paris und spielte zwei Konzerte. Ein kurzer Rückblick auf ein Wochenende mit gutem Rap und tollen alternativen Orten.

Weekly Urbanauth 36: Urban design of skyscrapers in London versus Tokyo’s 361 yards giant

The most important news at one glance - Our press review of the calendar week 36. From Hip-Hop for the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro into the heart of Perpignan. About Tokyo's planned highest skyscraper up to London's attempt to eliminate their disadvantages for...

Berlin: Trainwriting and Graffiti culture versus the BVG

A duty for the Berliner public transport company. A playground for trainwriters. The public transport company of Berlin complains about graffiti on the subways, but somehow some people seem to enjoy the painted trains. In short:

Paris: Graffiti-Eldorado at subway line 12

If Paris would be in the Wild West, the Metro Line 12 would be its Eldorado. Sprayers from all over the world travel to this subway line, which runs the city from the north to south. In search of color on the trainpanels:

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