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We are Urbanauth:
Travellers of the cities – on a journey through urbanism.

Urbs [lat.] City – Naut [gr.] Traveller

Urbanauth is a digital news site dealing with urbanism. By the broad concept of urbanism we mean the relationship between humans and cities. We write internationally with a focus on urban Europe.

This includes topics such as architecture, urban planning, ecology, spatial appropriation processes and urban culture.

Urbanauth belongs neither to a party, nor to a federation, nor to a media group. The articles are all written by urban citizens whom wants to share their experiences. Our aim is to provide and guarantee you a critical and profound quality journalism. We see ourselves as a journalistic offer, but we are not neutral. Nor In our opinion, today’s media world is not neutral because it inevitably represents interests – be it as a representative of corporate interests or, in the case of independent media such as ours, its own attitude. Our attitude represents humanistic and democratic values. We are firmly against any kind of discrimination (sexism, racism, fascism…).

We stand up for the defense and development of human rights and articulate the voices of the disadvantaged.

Urbanauth wants to provide every human being with tools for his own intellectual emancipation. Therefore, the contents on our site are freely accessible.

We are committed to the German Press Code.